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Kaylee – BHHS Senior Class of 2015

Kaylee is a talented multi-sport athlete who is also amazingly gorgeous.  We did three sessions together over the last few months.  She traveled to Cottage Grove for two sessions over two days, and then I photographed her again in Brookings in the chilly December weather.  We ended up with so many great images that will work perfectly for a custom album.  I can’t wait to share the final product!

BHHS Senior Portraits

CGHS Class of 2015 – Want a FREE Yearbook?

For a limited time, I am offering to purchase a yearbook for my Senior Portrait clients from Cottage Grove High School!  Do you want to get in on this deal?  It’s simple.  All you have to do is book your Senior Portrait Session for this summer and complete your print order by September 30, 2014.  You must purchase one of my Senior Portrait Collections in order to qualify for this deal.  Session times are booking fast, so contact me right away to book your session!  You’ll get an amazing professional portrait experience and beautiful artwork for your home, whether you choose to order individual prints, a gallery wrapped canvas or a hardcover album.  I also offer custom graduation announcements if you want something unique to mail out to all of your friends and family, along with custom photo guestbooks for your graduation party!

2015 CGHS yearbook offer - Kim Larsen Photography Cottage Grove, Oregon

Don’t settle for average photos on a disk that you have to print yourself when you could have full-service custom photography and artwork!

Contact me today!
541-556-1832 (call or text)

Pinterest No-Nos

Unless you live under a rock, you’ve probably heard of Pinterest.  If you haven’t, well, please don’t blame me when you join the site and lose track of your entire day!  As a photographer, crafter and baker, Pinterest is a great source of inspiration, but I have to say that there are a few things I’ve seen circulating through the site that really should have warnings attached.

1) Make glow-in-the-dark xyz product by breaking open a glow stick and mixing the liquid with (insert product here…nail polish, paint, bath water, etc.).  Please, before you go breaking open glow sticks, read the package!  There is a warning on the glow stick package that states that the glow stick is full of harmful chemicals and should not be opened.  Does this seem like something we should really be dumping into our kids’ bath water?  I’m not sure the “cool” factor outweighs the health risks.

2) All those adorable pictures of babies, kids, dogs or whole families wrapped up in Christmas lights.  Most Christmas lights contain lead in the plastic coating on the wires.  Because Christmas lights are not a product designed for children, they are not subject to the same lead safety laws as toys and other things kids use.  Wrapping Christmas lights around your family (especially babies wearing nothing but a diaper) does pose some risk of lead transfer.  We all know that babies and toddlers love to put things in their mouths.  Not only does that increase their exposure to lead, but it also tells them that it’s okay to play with/chew on electrical cords…don’t get me started on the pictures where babies are chewing on the lights while they are plugged in!  I know everyone wants to have the most unique Christmas card picture, but please keep your family safe in the process!

I’m sure there’s more (in fact, I’m planning an entire post about the “DIY Canvas” made from an engineering print…), but those are the two that popped up, yet again, when browsing Pinterest this morning.  Have you seen other pins that you think are dangerous or misleading?  Please share them in the comments!  And if you are on Pinterest, follow me:)


Country Senior Portraits {Cottage Grove, Oregon Senior Photographer}

I’m only a few months behind on blogging… *sigh* ;)

These outdoor, country Senior Portraits were taken last Spring on the beautiful property that belongs to Hendrickson Well Drilling & Christmas Tree Farm.  They have been kind enough to let me use their barns and property on several occasions and I just love doing outdoor portrait sessions there, especially Senior Portraits!

This particular session was special because this gorgeous senior spent a good portion of her final year of high school working with me for her job shadow requirement.  The session occurred right at the end of our time together, and it was a great way to end her senior year!  The light was just perfect during her sunset portrait session and I love the warm glow.  There were so many great shots from her session that it was hard to choose which ones to share, but here are a few that I think represent her well.

Country Senior Portraits in Cottage Grove Oregon

If you would like to have portraits like these, contact me about setting up a sunset portrait session!  541.556.1832 –

Wedding, Party or Event Photo Booth {Cottage Grove, Oregon Photographer}

Do you need a fun way to break the ice at a party?  Maybe you want your wedding guests to get a personalized favor to take home from your wedding while having fun.  Or are you planning a reunion, dance or community event where the guests would enjoy having their picture taken with good friends?

Photo Booth Cottate Grove, Oregon

Unlike most photo booths where you just rent a box with a built in camera, flash & printer, Kim Larsen Photography offers full-service custom photo booths with personalized backdrops, sets and props.  Kim is there to take the pictures, while an assistant processes the images and prints them on the spot.

Halloween Photo Booth

We can even create two different sets so your guests have choices!  Throwing a party for all ages? Have a small-scale set for the kids and a different one for the adults!  Looking for something simple?  We can also do a plain backdrop without any accessories or set pieces.

Holiday Photo Booth

You can also choose to have props to help your guests let loose and have fun.  They can choose whether they want to use the props or not!

If this looks like the perfect addition to your wedding, party or any other event, give me a call or send me an email!  541.556.1832 –