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Happy Labor Day! {Cottage Grove, Oregon Photographer}

I hope everyone is enjoying the holiday weekend, and I really hope that the rest of you didn’t have to do home improvement work in this heat like we did!

Normally, our monthly e-newsletter would have been sent out on Thursday, September 1, but since that was just before a long holiday weekend, I decided to wait and it will be going out on Tuesday (tomorrow). That means you still have the rest of the day to get signed up to receive it if you aren’t already on the list. This month, not only will you get first notice about the date for our Limited Edition Holiday Card sessions, but I am starting a new photo tip of the month that you won’t want to miss! So, get signed up for our newsletter today and watch your inbox on Tuesday for all the newest updates.

Fun on Friday {Cottage Grove, Oregon Photographer}

If you are hanging out in Cottage Grove this weekend, you’ve probably got plans for BBQs, picnics and a little time at the lake. Or, if you’re like us, you’re taking advantage of the long weekend to get some projects done around the house. And if you managed to get some time away this weekend, I hope you enjoy yourself and think of me, stuck at home installing a hardwood floor and building a new wall of built-ins…

On Saturday from 5-9pm, check out the Rolf Prima Main Street Criterium Race. Whether you are registered to race, take the kids down for the free “Kiddie Kilo” race, or just find a nice seat to watch the action, you are sure to have a good time.

If you need something to do next week, do your produce shopping at the Grower’s Market at Coiner Park from 4-8pm and check out the Concert in the Park to hear Windy Ridgestarting at 6:30.

Three on Thursday {Cottage Grove, Oregon Photographer}

We’ve been busy around here with some non-photography-related projects…

1} As I mentioned last week, we started our fireplace removal project last Thursday. We removed 3 full trailer loads of bricks, repaired the roof, started repairing the ceiling & floor, built new stud wall, and have started removing some of the existing hardwood floor so we can repair the hole that was left by the hearth. David has a 4 day weekend starting tomorrow, so we are hoping to get a lot more done while he is home all day.

fireplace removal ©Kim Larsen Photography

2} Tuesday morning, as I was walking into the kitchen to get Paige breakfast at about 6am, I heard a loud crackling sound. I opened the blinds and I could no longer see the neighbor’s house across the street — the tree in the yard next to them had finally cracked and a HUGE section of the tree came down in their front yard. The tree missed their house and cars by less than a foot, and even pulled their power line right out of the transformer. We have been needing to take down some huge trees in our backyard for a while, but this was the push we needed to start making some phone calls. We got lucky and the biggest tree is less than 10 feet from the main power lines, so no one other than the power company is licensed to remove it. That means that the power company will be removing it for us for free! Now we have to figure out what to do with all the wood they are going to be leaving behind…

3} And on a business-related note… I decided this month to wait on sending out my monthly newsletter until after the holiday weekend. So, if you want to sign up to receive the newsletter, you still have time to do so before I send out the next installment.

Newport, Oregon {Oregon Beach Photographer}

Part of our last vacation of the summer was a day in Newport. We took Paige to the beach early in the morning before the wind picked up, then spent a few hours at the Aquarium and visited the waterfront. We had a good time, and I, of course, took a few pictures to share.

Newport ©Kim Larsen Photography

Fun on Friday {Cottage Grove, Oregon Photographer}

The Art Walk is going on tonight in downtown Cottage Grove. From 6-8pm, enjoy appetizers, wine tasting and live music at various merchants downtown while checking out the work of many local artists.

Do you have a child in a car seat? Head down to South Lane Fire & Rescue on Harrison Ave from 9am – 12pm on Saturday for a free Car Seat Safety Check!

If you need something to do next week, do your produce shopping at the Grower’s Market at Coiner Park from 4-8pm and check out the Concert in the Park to hear The Vipers with Deb Clevelandstarting at 6:30.

And if you need to escape from the heat, don’t forget to check out all of the great weekly events for kids of all ages at the Cottage Grove Public Library. From story time, to sing-alongs, to movies, they’ve got something for everyone.