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The world through a child’s eyes

We have a photographer-in-training at our house.  For about 6 months, Paige has been pretending to take pictures.  It started with one of my old tripods that she would carry around, pretend to look through a non-existent camera and say “click”.  After a while, we dug out our really old point & shoot camera and stuck it on the tripod.  I thought it still worked, just with a red line appearing in every image, but it turns out it was completely broken.  So, she still had to pretend, but at least she had an actual camera to pretend with.  Today, we took Paige out with our less-really-old point & shoot and let her have some fun.  Here are the results of Paige’s first photo adventure.


David Larsen - July 29, 2012 - 9:22 pm

The best post ever! Nice to know you have such terrific staff photographers.